August 10, 2011

Classroom Organization - Part 5

Another day at school and yes 3 completed projects (CHECK!). Today I started on the next 3 projects. Please forgive the photos I took with my phone today.

Project #1 Topic Boxes
In the spirit of "de-cluttering" my classroom, I need to finish cleaning out my file cabinet. I decided to organize my reading files into topics. Each topic is placed in a box from the container store and labeled with the contents. I like to keep activity pages, sample projects and lesson plans for that topic in each box. Below is a photo of how they are organized.
In addition to topic boxes, I like to organize month boxes with "themes" for each month. I keep a calendar with important dates in the box also. On the outside of the box is labeled topics that I usually cover during that month. I'm going to add a back-to-school box and a year-end box.

Project #2 - Read Aloud Books
After discovering Interactive Read-Alouds by Linda Hoyt, I complete changed how I organize my "Teacher Stash" of books. I am separating my books into magazine file boxes that are labeled with the topic.
I keep these books behind my guided reading table for easy access and lesson planning.

Project #3 - Organize Worksheets and Papers
I came across an idea on a scholastic teacher blog from Nancy Yang and decided to organize my daily papers in magazine file boxes. I will also keep these behind my guided reading table for easy access.Well that's a wrap for today... I can't wait to check these things off my mile long list. I'm already looking at organizing my portable workstations, classroom jobs and behavior management board. Well that's for another day.

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  1. Would you be willing to share your labels for this project? I LOVE the idea!! I have moved classrooms and grade levels several times and this would help IMMENSELY!