August 09, 2011

Classroom Organization - Part 4 (Whew!)

I've been in my classroom this week and it seems the more I do, the more there is to do. Why do I have the urge to do a million projects now??? I had all summer - go figure!?! I didn't go to school today and had the opportunity to blog stalk. Of course this added about 20 projects to my already enormous list.

Project #1 - Word Wall
I was inspired by an idea from Oceans of First Grade Fun and I've made word family cards for the word wall. My classroom has a chalkboard that I'll be using for my word wall. I've divided the word wall into 4 sections: The parking lot (new words) A-Z Boxes, Blends and Word Families. Here's a photo although it's a long way from complete.

I plan on using the vowel pockets to keep word family cards and display them as we come across new words. I tried to color coordinate the word families into long, short and r-controlled vowels.
Click on the pictures below for the word family cards.

Project#2 Writing Center
I was inspired by an idea on pintrest to revamp my writing center. I'm almost finished with the models of each type of work and just need to label the writing supplies and editing pencil cups (each colored pencil is used for a different type of editing - capitalization/red, spelling/orange, punctuation/green, etc).

Project #3 Status Chart
I worked this summer to find clipart of every menu item on our lunch calendars and create magnets for our lunch menu choices. It turned out to be really cute. Just my luck the cafeteria decided not to do lunch count this year :( Sooo I decided to make that area and attendance board to keep up with students entering and exiting the classroom. I'm laminating the cards and student photos and putting magnets on the back to use on the side of our file cabinet. Here's a copy of the labels
Yaaawn....I'm sleepy
Well that's a start. Hope to complete these projects tomorrow and start on the next few...

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