August 02, 2011

Classroom Organization - Part 3

Well I'm back at it today. I really liked the idea of having table signs for each group. Since I'm going with a African savannah safari theme this year, I made one for each one of my tables. ( I totally copied this idea from Mrs. Lemons Second Grade Blog). I have banners in my room with the animals and made group signs to match the banners.

I had to make smaller circles to fit onto my table tubs. Each group is a different color and number. The graphics are from DJ Inkers. Click on the picture below for a copy...

Since the groups compete against each other to get table points, this year I'm going to use marble jars to keep a running tally. Groups earn points for working collaboratively, correct answers and being on task. The first group to fill their jar gets to have lunch with the teacher and/or a lunch treat. I'm also going to decorate the jars with these table signs as well.

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