July 18, 2012

What!?! NO Teachers....

I was able to peek into my classroom Monday.  My room is done but our new principal said NO teachers are allowed in the building (can you hear my heart break....).  My house is in serious overload not to mention my stuffed storage unit. See look....

Well, that left me at home looking at all the great stuff that's happening in the blogosphere.  Anyone that knows me, knows I'm a bit addicted to Pinterest and with just a pinch of OCD.  Thus ANOTHER project....  I found inspiration on Pinterest to organize my drawer organizer with bulletin board borders.

Well, it didn't stop there. I decided I could do the same thing with my teacher binders and use transparencies to make cute and color-coordinated binder spine inserts.


This is my finished product.

What do you think?


  1. Aw I like them! Never thought to print on transparencies! Love that! I have a ton of them just hanging out in my classroom (which I am not able to get into yet either!!!)

    Reaching for the TOP!

  2. You are so organized!! JEALOUS :)
    ☼ Kate
    To The Square Inch

  3. WOW! This looks GREAT! You have inspired me. I'd love to take a peek in that interactive read aloud notebook! This is going on my pinterest board for sure!
    The Bubblegum Tree

  4. I love your green and blue polka dots. I have a similar theme, but also have navy and chocolate brown polka dots.

  5. I love your organization ideas! Love the colors, too! :)

  6. I did something similar with my drawers after I saw it on Pinterest, but I printed my labels on transparencies, then taped them to scrapbook paper before I put them in the drawers. I wanted to make them larger.