September 23, 2012

Rockin' Rollin' and Readin' plus a FREEBIE!!

This weekend flew by!  I'm so loving spending time with my daughter.  It is so unusual for her to open up and talk to me.-- actually she's trying to annoy me into leaving the house with her.  I'm just going to finish this post and we can leave since she's looking over my shoulder.  Gotta love teenagers!!! 
Anywho, I just finished updating my reading response notebooks and have put them on TPT and TN.  I also finished working on typing my strategies for my CRAFT/CAFE Board.  Sweet Kristen at Ladybug Teacher files was kind enough to share her CRAFT Board papers which I used to type up the mini-lesson strategies.
Lucky you, I giving it away as a FREEBIE! Click the picture below and enjoy.

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