September 14, 2013

Off into the sunset? Maybe not...

I almost threw in my hat, called it quits and rode off into the sunset.  Moving to a new school is stressful enough without added drama.  My life has been a CIRCUS!  Since I first interviewed with my new school, I've had 4 different job titles - yup FOUR!!!  This is a big deal to someone who is borderline OCD.  I would no longer be self-contained and had to take 30 more students into my classroom (although now I would be team-teaching). We'd only been in school 3 weeks and I was about to lose it. I'm used to change and working with transient students, but this was pushing it.  I figured that I could sub for a year and find a job that was better suited to my sanity.

I talked to my principal and she was very understanding and agreed to get me help re-organizing my room to accommodate the changes.  She sent a retired teacher/principal to help me prepare all my student notebooks, journals, book boxes and etc.  She was a Godsend and knew just what to say to comfort my frantic mind.  Now I think I might just be able to do this...with God's help!

Well now that I have to switch classes with another teacher, I need a way to keep my classroom management under-control.  I send my students to my partner teacher with a clipboard that tracks students.  I use this weekly behavior sheet to track who has turned in homework and has broken classroom rules.  It's very handy tool at the end of the day when I send home behavior sheets to parents because they know exactly why their student has had a color change.
 I'm putting a copy of this tracking tool in my TPT and TN store.  The first five people to comment on my page can have it as a FREEBIE!!!


  1. I'm sorry it's been a rough transition. I love departmentalization or team teaching as you call it. I was a departmentalized reading teacher for years and now I am teaching GT. I hope things calm down for you. I promise you the key to success and sanity is your "partner" teacher. If you have good communication, a clear goal and a cohesive behavior mngt. plan then success is in your future!


  2. Another fabulous idea! Hope things brighten up for you!

  3. I'm new to this behavior log world...anything would help

  4. Great idea! I'm a new teacher and any help with classroom management would be great. I couldn't imagine going through so much in just the first few weeks of school!

  5. Great idea. I am also a new teacher. and i love finding new things to make it easier on myself. thank you