July 21, 2015

On the blog again, I just can't wait to get on the blog again...

Wow! I can't believe summer is more than half over.

I've ALMOST forgotten how tired I was from last year and I'm beginning to bubble with excitement about the new faces I'll meet. I've even more excited about getting to set up my classroom. Yup, I'm one of THOSE teachers.I love setting up my classroom each year and I would start in July if I could. It kills me to have to wait for the custodians to finish waxing the floor and then have to literally wait for the wax to dry.Ugggh!!! It kills me every year!

This year, I am taking on a new position as a "Specials" teacher.  I am truly excited because I'll be getting to teach technology to kids at a STEM academy.  I will also get to serve as a mentor teacher on my new campus.  This means I also get to do what I love by helping teachers.  I almost want to pinch myself.  I get to work with K-5 teachers in their classrooms developing engaging academic lessons.  I'm so excited to work with so many teachers and their different instructional styles.  I want my passion for teaching kids to be contagious.

What are you planning to do before the summer ends?

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