September 09, 2012

I dropped the ball, got a clue (context clue) and a freebie!

I'm so dizzy from all the activity this week at my home and school. It's nice to breathe a little this weekend.  I think my life is a 3-ring circus and it seems harder and harder to juggle all the little balls.  As a matter of fact, I dropped the ball.  I haven't been posting to my blog like I thought I would this year.  The start of school is so hectic, plus I've had 10 new students added to my roster, and add the fact that my daughter got her first job (and doesn't have her license, yet) and you get one tired mamma.  Well, the show must go on!

I've been working on context clue mini-lessons for my little second grade sweeties.  I created a two part unit that includes mini-lessons, anchor charts and activities to teach context clues.  Context Clues  (Part 1) has been posted to my TPT store and at Teachers Notebook.

I teach my students a six tools to use for context clues.  In Context Clues (Part 1), I begin by teaching how to use pictures, words you know and helping words to identify the meaning of unknown words. In Context Clues (Part 2), I include using examples, definitions synonyms and antonyms as context clues.
I use several books as mentor texts as we discover how to use context clues. Some of these books are listed in my Reading Comprehension Skills Book List.  This unit also includes an expanded book list of possible mentor text to use for teaching context clues.  The first 3 followers to comment will receive Part One for free!!! Just be sure to send me feedback :) Pretty Please!!!


  1. This is great!


  2. This looks great. My kids really struggle with this skill!

    1. I'd love to send you a copy. Would you send me an email address? I didn't see it on your profile...

  3. Awesome!


  4. HI I just need your help on a question please. How do I plan a lesson on Context if I was to plan on English with PDHPE as an integrated unit? I`m using a poster on Health n Fitness as a multimodal persuasive text and the lesson has to be referred to this poster. This is actually for an assignment. Need your help please!!!