January 30, 2013

She's ALIVE!!!!! with an Inference Freebie

Okay, I really have no good excuse for not posting....just life.  Being a single mother of a teenage daughter is exhausting (not to mention the 44 little ones I teach). I must say it has its own rewards.  One of my former students thanked me for making learning "magical" for his sister.  Wow, he nearly brought me to tears!

I wanted to post about the best of 2012 but I haven't had time to collect the pics and etc.  But since I've been gone so long I decided to gift you with a freebie!  Okay, let's get real.  Not that many people follow my blog -so I'm truly grateful for those of you that do.  And if you're just stoppin' by, feel free to follow my blog and my TPT store---shameless plea----.  There's lots of good stuff (and of course freebies) I have planned for this year!

I love teaching inference... kids say the cutest things when they infer.  I like to do an inference gallery to get their brains to warm up to the idea.

Students do a gallery walk and make inferences about each masterpiece.  They leave a sticky note on their favorite artwork.  I print the sticky notes on my printer and keep them on laminated paper until the kids are ready to make their inferences.  I've seen several Pinterest posts on how to use your printer to print on postit notes.  I 've been doing this for years and now 3M has even create sheets that go into your printer.  I wouldn't recommend using a copier though.

Here's a post about how to print on post-its.  The Inference Gallery Freebie has the template to print the sticky notes in English and Spanish. You can also just print them on paper and tape them to the wall.

 Click the pic below to get the freebie.


  1. I love this idea! I will be back often to check out your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    Fabulous Finch Facts

  2. You have a new follower. I love the "Inference Gallery" idea.